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Award Winning Sound!

Joseph Audio Loudspeakers

The Joseph Audio Collection are some of the world’s finest loudspeakers systems available today, and have a proven track record of award-winning performance, design and sound excellence.

Joseph Audio’s Bookshelf Speakers

The Pulsar

The “Pulsar” is The highly acclaimed sound of our top-of-the-line Pearls, now in a new smaller size.

“For those of you who have dreamed of owning relatively compact stand mount monitors that really do convey the sense of reproducing (near) full-range bass, your loudspeaker has arrived”
– Chris Martens- The Absolute Sound

“extraordinarily powerful low bass, considering the speaker’s modest
dimensions…an uncolored, natural midrange.”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile



Introducing the Prism, It’s a small speaker with powerful bass sound! A lower cost alternative to the Pulsar.

“While it’s become an audiophile cliche to talk about mini-monitors that “defy physics” by creating extraordinary amounts of bass, … it was almost shocking to hear the Prism create deep, tuneful bass that could instantly put a big smile on my face.”

— Marc Philips, The Vinyl Anachronist

Joseph Audio’s Line of Quality World-Class Loudspeakers

Award-Winning Pearl Speakers-

The “Pearl 3” is Joseph Audio’s top-of-the-line loudspeaker. If you are wanting superior sound from your speakers, the Pearl3 is the loudspeaker for you.

“Music may be art and audio may be engineering, but sometimes, if we’re very lucky, the combination can be magic. Go hear the Pearls; we suspect magic happens around them a lot.”

— Wes Phillips, Stereophile

Award Winning!

The Joseph Audio “Pearl” loudspeaker has won “Best Sound” Award for two years straight!

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Recommended Components!

Recommended Components

Joseph Audio’s Perspectives are featured on the cover of Stereophile’s 2015 Recommended Components Issue!

The Perspective brings a large degree of the Pearl3 sound in a very thin compact enclosure. With its only sonic rival its bigger sibling Pearl3, the Perspective easily stands out.

“Profile” Loudspeaker

“…simply an exceptional loudspeaker for the money—one that channels much (though not all) of the sonic goodness of upper-tier Joseph models for a fraction of the price.”

— Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

In woodgrain, cream, black colors.

For information and pricing for Joseph Audio loudspeakers, we invite you E-MAIL US, or call for a in-home analysis for which Joseph Audio speakers are best for you…Your ears will love the realistic high-quality sound these superior engineered loudspeakers produce.

We are an Authorized Dealer for award-winning speaker audio systems that Joseph Audio creates.

Sales are not available to those in areas where there is a local Joseph Audio Dealer.


Everything we sell is made right here in the USA!

The “Pearl 3”

The Pearl 3

The Perspective

The Perspective


Profile Loudspeaker

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Thanks for your help on choosing which Joseph speakers would work best for me in my music room.
Many Thanks,

Beatrice (AZ)


The Bel Canto 600M's sound awesome!

Steven (NY)


Thank you for your inside on what I needed to enhance my Audio system.
The Bel Canto pieces made my system awesome. Thanks again for your expertise.
Chris (MN)


Thank you for your help on my cables - DH Labs are really Great, Great product.
Thanks for helping me choose the right cables and getting them to me so quickly!

Mike (AZ)


The (Joseph Audio Prism) speakers are everything and more than I expected. Excellent imaging and clear highs.
Thanks for the help.

Pete  (NY)


The Pulsars sound great and work well on the Sound Anchor stands.
Thanks,  Paul  (CA)